About Us


Many small businesses struggle to get found online, we developed comprehensive solutions that get your business found so that you can quit worrying and start running your business. We offer digital marketing, branding, professional web design and consulting services to our clients around the world.

At Online Projects, we take pride in giving our clients the best value for their money. We don’t just craft digital marketing strategies and amazing websites, but we help clients save money along the way. We’ve saved clients thousands of dollars by offering them affordable services which actually get results for them.

Our Philosophy

We are based in the northern beaches, which is home to beautiful beaches. If you’ve ever gone surfing, you know the exhilaration of catching a wave. Surfing a wave takes time and effort. In addition to its physical challenges, you have to deal with the forces of nature; forces which you have no control over. But all of that effort is worth it once you’ve conquered the wave.

We have the same philosophy with business. We love the feeling of accomplishing what we have set out to do for our clients. So you can say that “wave” is a metaphor of how we approach the work we do for our clients.

Years of combined experience
Happy customers
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The future is digital

Given the importance of websites and digital marketing in today’s Internet-driven environment, we are confident our designs and strategies can help you overcome challenges so you can get to the top of your industry.