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Defining the Purpose of a Digital Strategy

Lead generation SEO Melbourne

Capture qualified leads to boost your sales in Melbourne. Grow your conversion rate today by giving Online Projets a call or email. 


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be utilised as a lead generation tool to capture and retain prospective customers who are looking for the exact product or service that you sell online. The goal of SEO is to use search engines (e.g.Google, Bing) to drive new visitors to your website, converting them to repeat buyers. This will involve you using the relevant keywords to target the audience, inform and educate them about your brand and how to interact with it.  When this is successfully carried out, you will begin to see more traffic on your website that will further generate more leads for your business. 


One great thing about generating leads is that you have opened a wide stream that allows more people that can help your business grow rapidly. Out of every ten leads, you can be sure that eight will get to the end of purchasing that product from you. So imagine when we get you thousands of solid leads to your website.


You should always have this done by a professional SEO company, like Online Projects, that knows all about getting your website optimised. We always hire experts that can bring this target for you and you can trust that we will deliver fast.

Local SEO Melbourne

For businesses that operate in local districts such as food takeouts or a barbing salon in Melbourne, when users search for a business that can cater for their needs, the website that ranks highest on the search result page (SERP) get the most attention. This means you could be losing multiple clients if your website isn’t properly optimised for search engines. 


The SERPs bring high ranking pages that have more visitors around that locality which would lead to more customers for the business.  So, if you really need that boost in your business, you cannot successfully do this without optimising your page and making sure that you have convincing content for the viewers. 


A solid SEO company will help you to analyse the process that your websites have to go through and make sure that they correctly handle it for you. You can contact us at Online Projects to help you reach your community at the speed of light so that this can be a breakthrough for your business.

E-commerce SEO Melbourne

When you run an e-commerce store and you require that more people visit the page and purchase from your web store, achieving it cannot be done outside of optimising your online stores’ structure, metadata, technical SEO structures, your content setup, technical setup, and user experience. 


Google, as a well-utilised search engine, will want to know if your website can provide the necessary user experience required before ranking your page. When you don’t hit that target, it can cause a reduction in the visiting numbers to your webpage.


All these setups can be done by our expert SEO company in Melbourne to avoid losing ranks. Online Projects can accomplish this for you with perfection, leaving you with rapid and consistent growth for your e-commerce store. You can go about other things you need to sort while an expert handles all of SEO for you.

Enterprise SEO Melbourne

Selling at the enterprise level demands significant expertise, and mistakes cannot be tolerated as they can deplete brand image. One way to improve a company’s organic search for enterprise-related sites that has several pages with voluminous pages is to optimise such a website and you need to know that this is on a higher scale. 


For enterprise SEO, attention is given to the amount of content uniquely written, images, videos, comments and this will require an SEO company to handle your website. Online Projects here in Melbourne is designed to arm your business with insights, productivity tools, data, and all that is needed to improve your brand’s organic performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Online project is a striking digital agency Melbourne when it comes to professionally designed SEO websites and managing anything related to search engine optimisation for all businesses and companies. We have managed different websites over the years and are confident we can handle yours successfully. 

We have specialists collaborating with us in this firm to bring the most desirable outcomes to you. We can align strategy with your desired result for your website, social media campaigns, pay-per-click ads, SEO, web development and content writing just as you desire.  


Outsourcing your SEO needs to a novice can entirely taint your brand image. So don’t look out for cheap options for hiring an SEO firm, but look for competence. We can work with you here in Melbourne so that you rest assured of the outcomes of your digital efforts. We are licensed and certified.

We provide other digital marketing services such as social media management, email marketing, Google Ads management, and more. We offer the most trustworthy services because before anyone will buy from you, they seek some credibility from your online presence before they make a buy. 


Most visitors get glued to your brand as a result of the value you provide via content check and this can only be as a result of how interesting and informative your platform is. We have a professional strategy and our approach to execution is professional. We also help our customers with creating informative content that will land them the right audience and the sales. This could be both your website and social media handles. We can put your mind at ease while you continue your business offline. 

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