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Looking to boost sales? Not a fan of Google? Try Online Projects ✅

Let Online Projects shoot more calls and click your way from Google! No more struggling to do it all yourself or the headache of getting your head around a Google Business Profile (GBP).


Work directly with a dedicated profile manager who’ll sort out everything from tuning your GBP with the right keywords to putting up weekly updates – and everything in between.


Find out more about our GBP management services below, or ring 1300 372 996 to have a yarn with the team about how Online Projects can give you a hand!

Unlock endless hours each month with Online Projects ⏱️

Keeping up with Google and its never-ending opportunities used to chew up a heap of our time. Now, with Online Projects, our team’s free to focus on looking after the flood of new patients we welcome every week. Ready to shift your efforts and save some precious hours, mate?

Online Projects' Google Business Profile Management Service Overview 🔭

The Online Projects’ Google Business Profile (GBP) Management Service gives you the chance to work with a GBP specialist who can handle all the little details (and sometimes big headaches) that are crucial for getting the best results. Using our one-of-a-kind processes, GBP scorecard, and monthly reports, your account manager is committed to making sure you rank high and pull in more customers. The GBP Management Service kicks off with a performance benchmark report, followed by a thorough 100-point check-up, and a complete tuning of the profile.

Following that, each month you will receive the following:


• Weekly promotional posts

• Introduction of new products or services

• New Questions and Answers

• Responses to reviews

• Uploads of images and videos

• Moves, additions, and edits

• Profile Monitoring

• Competitor Spam Sweep

• Geogrid Keyword Ranking Report

• Monthly Performance Report

• On-demand Reporting Dashboard

• GBP Scorecard Updates

And anything in between! Yeah, that’s right, mate! We’ll handle quick updates for unexpected shut-downs and those regular Google-suggested edits that can turn into a real bother. We can even whip up content in French, German, and Spanish. No worries!

🗺️ Multiple Locations? That's Our Area of Expertise! 🗺️

Absolutely! Here’s that content with a bit of Australian flavour:


Juggling the responsibilities of multiple Google Business Profiles for various locations can feel like a real handful. We know the complexity first-hand, mate.


No kidding! We’ve looked after thousands of profiles, including ones for multi-site businesses across areas like banking, education, finance, healthcare, legal, retail, and travel (and more). We’re up close and personal with the struggles and frustrations you’ve probably faced trying to get the most out of your dashboard chock-a-block with profiles.


Whether you’re dealing with 5 profiles or 500, whether you’re a franchise or a big-shot Fortune 500, Online Projects can offer you a streamlined solution to take the sting out of the monotonous (and often time-chewing) tasks tied to the proper management and promotion of multiple Google Business Profiles.


For more info, give us a bell or ring 1300 372 996 to learn more about how we can give your multi-location business a hand.

The Functioning of Our Google Business Profile Management Service

Online Projects’ Google Business Profile Management Service operates through 6 steps:

⦿ You Share Information About Your Location
It all kicks off with getting to know more about you! Using our straightforward Google Business Profile Management Service form, we gather all the essential details about your business location that Online Projects needs to manage your GBP listing like a pro. You’ll be done in about 10 minutes, mate.


⦿ We Assess Your Profile (or Begin with Verification)
Next up in our Google Business Profile Management Service is checking out how you’re doing so far. Your profile manager will jot down your current performance and keyword rankings. Then they’ll carry out a thorough 100-step check-up of your GBP listing based on our GBP Scorecard, measuring how your profile’s doing against the industry standard. You’ll get a full checklist showing how you’ve scored. Don’t have a Google Business Profile yet? No worries, we’ll claim and verify one for you in this step!


⦿ We Design an Optimization Strategy for Your Profile
With the audit out of the way, your profile manager will cook up a tailored optimization strategy to pump up your GBP listing. This’ll guide the way to making improvements to your Google Business Profile, opening up higher rankings, more calls, and clicks to your site.


⦿ We Boost and Optimize Your Google Business Profile Listing
Now, it’s time for the Online Projects team to dive in, fair dinkum. Your profile manager and their crew will take the reins to make sure all the needed updates are sorted to tune up your listing. They’ll be in close contact to keep you in the loop at every stage. Once it’s all done, you’ll be the first to know so you can check out your freshly optimized profile!


⦿ We Handle and Promote Your Profile Each Month
With your Google Business Profile in the top nick, it’s time to start promoting! Month in, month out, your account manager will take care of publishing weekly posts, Q&A, reviews, spam reports, keeping an eye on your profile, and reporting back. This makes sure your profile keeps pulling in more visibility, traffic, calls, and new customers!


⦿ You Witness Higher Rankings, Increased Traffic, Calls, and Revenue!
Since your Google Business Profile is being managed like a champ, you’ll start seeing more action within 30 to 90 days of wrapping up the work. While your profile manager is hard at it on your GBP profile, you’ll have time to gear up for the new opportunities and customers heading your way.

Customer Feedback on Online Projects Services

Dig into this section to find out what our top-notch customers reckon about their experiences with Online Projects services. Here you’ll find the real deal, straight-up feedback, showing how our services have helped them boost their online presence and performance.

Google Business Profile Management Service FAQs 🧐

Have a squiz at this section to get the answers to common questions about our services, from what it’s gonna cost you to how we handle content creation and our review collection strategies. It’s a handy snapshot of what Online Projects can do for you, mate!

We offer a sliding discount for more than one location, up to a ripper 50% off. Plus, we've got special discounts for those with listings that might not need unique posts every week. Give us a bell for more info, mate!

Absolutely, you can. We charge $350 per month, per profile. We do offer special pricing for those managing more than one location. Please contact us for additional information.

We charge $350 a month for each profile. But if you're looking after more than one location, we've got some special prices for you. Give us a bell to find out more, mate!

Not at all! We operate on a month-to-month basis, so there are no contracts or long-term commitments. Nevertheless, a multitude of our clients have been with Online Projects for years!

We do, mate! Our team of designers and writers work together to whip up each Post. Of course, we reckon any insights, pics, videos, or special deals you might have are great, but Online Projects' expert team of account managers, designers, and writers can get the job done without any extra bits and pieces.

We'll give you a Google Review kit that makes asking for Google reviews a breeze and lets your customers know you're keen to hear what they think. We've also got our own software tool available for a bit more dosh. Lots of our clients reckon SMS and email are the best ways to get customers to leave five-star reviews on Google. Plus, it means you don't have to ask face-to-face, which can feel a bit awkward sometimes.

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